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Shipper: I like NaruHina
Hater: Naruto is the main character! He doesn't care about that unimportant, overrated, selfish stalker!
Shipper: I like NaruSaku
Hater: Sakura is useless and a bitch to Naruto! All she cares about is Uchiha dick!
Shipper: I like SasuSaku
Hater: OMG! I bet you support guys beating their girlfriends. SasuSaku is an abusive relationship!
Shipper: I like SasuNaru
Hater: Not every anime guy is gay! Stupid yaoi fangirls.
Shipper: I like SasuHina
Hater: Da fuq? Sasuke and Hinata never spoke to each other.
Shipper: I like NejiHina
Hater: EW! INCEST! They'll have three-headed babies with six eyes.
Shipper: I like NejiTen
Hater: Neji and TenTen don't like each other! They're not even friends!
Shipper: I like KakaSaku
Shipper: I like SakuHina
Hater: ...What?

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there it lies, the whole mistake. it eats away on us, it feeds on my mistakes. maybe you were right, maybe i’m not worth the fight. i wish we had the nerve to be as we were, i wish i could find the root to all good.

but it’ll all be over soon. i’ll be waiting here for you.


And here you have why it’s so fucking important that Sakura must knows about the massacre and Itachi’s truth story. Official pages. From the own manga.

Naruto: “I know why Sasuke… is so obssesed with revenge”.

Naruto didn’t knew, and the truth truly shocked him. After this scene, you have the Sasuke vs Team 7 scene, and Naruto telling him how much of a precious friend Sasuke is for Naruto.

Don’t you dare to say that Sakura knowing about that is not important. Don’t you dare to say that it won’t shock her. Don’t you dare to say she’s not going to cry, knowing she was going to kill him for the wrong reasons, that she was going to kill a Sasuke who was supposed to be an international criminal, but he just was a lost Sasuke, desperately trying to bring back the honor to the Uchiha name.

Sakura’s situation it’s so, so unfair that sometimes I want to cry. Maybe Kishimoto is focusing a Sakura who still loves Sasuke, no matter what, but a long time has passed and is no longer funny.

I highly doubt it, but I truly want Obito to tell her about the Uchiha massacre. I think it fits: Obito tells her the truth about why the war has started, and then, because Obito is redeemed, he asks her for removing the rinnegan and keeping it far from Madara, or just giving it to Kakashi.

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